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3 Ways AI Will Change B2B Marketing

As the potential of artificial intelligence continues to evolve, more and more business owners are finding ways to use AI to help them tackle business challenges, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. If not already aboard this forward-thinking train, marketers may find themselves at a loss as we predict AI will transform B2B marketing in the coming decade.

One of the biggest benefits of AI is the ability to scale operations using high volume and high quality data. In fact, the more data an AI processes, the more predictions it can make about that data. For example: most current marketing automation tools can only manage a certain number of logic workflows before they reach capacity or become ineffective (ie: too complex and confusing!) to manage. However, this is where AI excels: increases its reach and lead generation, processing hundreds or even thousands of data points to create a personalized, complex campaign strategy.

B2B marketing teams should look at what they are trying to do with their current marketing technology and see how AI can help scale operations and the complexities either on its own or in conjunction with those systems. what they are already using.

While we doubt AI will ever be able to Yield The type of unique and creative content that will stand out in customers’ email inboxes or in their social media feeds doesn’t mean it isn’t the right tool to help. salvation This.

For example, AI can process historical email marketing campaign data to find out what content each of your customers prefer to receive in their inbox, and when, based on their email activity. In addition to content delivery recommendations, AI can also help tailor content to individual preferences for each customer, create efficiency by writing email subject lines, keyword research and segment customers for each specific campaign you run. can inform to help you find the most receptive audiences for.

B2B marketers can use AI to scan their website and content library to categorize content and ensure that the right content (offers, emails, social media posts, landing pages) are personalized and interact with the right are delivered to the right customers during This gives marketers the freedom to continue to focus on unique and relevant content, while leaving the targeted delivery task to AI.

As mentioned above, AI works best when processing large amounts of data. But when processing this data, it analyzes it more efficiently and thoroughly than any human data analyst. Using AI, marketers can more quickly understand which strategies and campaigns are working, and what adjustments can be made to improve results and higher return on investment.

By analyzing historical campaign data and results, AI can make future predictions such as campaign results, performance, conversions and revenue. All this analysis is invaluable for helping B2B marketers plan their annual marketing strategies and increase lead generation.


In a recent report published by Demand Metrics, 75% of B2B marketing and sales professionals reported that they found real value from the implementation of their AI solution in less than 6 months, and another two-thirds of AI users studied in the next two years. Within reported 20% or more expected revenue growth.

The same respondents also detailed the top benefits expected from implementing AI in their sales and marketing departments:

  • 67% High Quality Leads / Opportunities
  • Improved engagement with 56% prospects and customers
  • 52% Better understanding of buyer intent
  • 50% higher conversion rate
  • 50% higher volume of leads/opportunities
  • 40% more efficient ad spend
  • 38% Pipeline Acceleration
  • 27% better omni-channel attribution

These results suggest that B2B marketers are beginning to believe that AI is a valid solution to the problems or challenges they are currently facing, and can prove to be effective outcomes on lead generation and revenue.

If you’re part of a B2B marketing team and wondering what to do with the client and website data you have access to, consider AI applications and the opportunities it can enable.

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