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9 tools to increase your lead generation

Lead generation has come a long way from door-to-door and cold-call selling. As more businesses are investing in their online presence and perhaps setting up ecommerce functionality, the need to generate and track leads through their website becomes essential. However, if they are not using a reliable tool to do so, they may be missing out on opportunities to convert those leads into buying, paying customers.

Below are some great tools that will help you acquire and convert more qualified leads, and increase your sales revenue.

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Along with the ability to get started using its tools for free, HubSpot Marketing offers email marketing, live chat, forms, ads, analytics and reports to help you get started using a CRM for lead generation. Or if you already have your own CRM, you can easily integrate any HubSpot alternative into it.

Their dashboard is the central hub of your marketing analytics. See which marketing efforts are generating leads, track the channels with the highest engagement, and monitor your sales team’s performance over time.

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Proof is an awesome tool primarily used by SaaS and ecommerce businesses to “promote” their key gen. They built their tool on the premise that social recognition and “FOMO” (fear of missing out) will convert more visitors into leads and customers. Businesses can build more credibility by showing visitors how popular their offering is to increase their trust and brand leadership.

Think about when you’re looking for hotel rooms on a site like Expedia – have you ever noticed a little pop-up box in the corner that tells you “5 people have booked this hotel in the last 24 hours? “? The sense of urgency you might then feel to book the hotel room yourself is why Proof is successful.

They have three popular offerings:

  • live visitor countThis information shows whether many people are currently viewing a page or an entire site in real-time, and is most commonly used by businesses to authentically create “FOMO” on popular offers.
  • Recent Activity: These notifications show a stream of people who have recently signed up or made purchases on a company’s site. This tool is best to use on site pages that receive at least 5 or more leads or sales per day.
  • hot streaks: This notification shows the total number of people who have recently opted-in or made a purchase on a company’s site. This product is Proof’s highest conversion product and is most commonly used on landing pages, demos and checkouts.

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ActiveCampaign is a really great tool that allows you to track each and every interaction of a visitor with your site, and then use this behavior to trigger targeted email marketing campaigns. This means you can reach potential leads exactly what they’re looking for, and convert that site visit into a conversion.

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Hotjar is a great all-in-one solution that can help convert more of your website visitors into customers. Their analytics platform uses visitor recording, heat maps, conversion funnels, form analytics, feedback polls, and surveys to help you understand your audience more deeply.

Their on-site polls and surveys allow you to collect a user’s email address in addition to their feedback, which will allow you to address not only customer experiences, but also their data for future nurturing in your CRM. Will add too.

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Check out the banner at the top of the Hello Bar homepage below; Their tool gives visitors a CTA banner at the top or bottom of a page. This tool is the perfect way to announce promotional discounts or new product releases and generate qualified leads in the process.

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Intercom is a really cool tool that gives you the ability to have custom interactions with your site visitors. Their on-site chat feature lets you connect directly with on-site visitors, sending them targeted messages about what they’re looking for. You can set up rules that display certain messages when visitors are taking certain actions to start a conversation: for example, if a visitor spends more than 1 minute on the pricing page, the chatbot tool will pop up and ask “Have questions on pricing? I’m here to help”.

Once a visitor engages with the chatbot and submits their contact information, their profile is saved to the tool for further on-site or in-app analysis, which can help that customer onboarding, support or retention. Further helping efforts will help generate targeted messages. ,

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Are you starting to harness the power of video marketing? If so, this may be the tool for you.

Turnstile by Wistia is a simple tool that allows you to gate content by adding an email collector to your videos. It’s a neat form that can appear at any time during (beginning, middle or end) of your video and will work on any device. You can display your form discreetly on hover, or pause the video to grab your audience’s attention. Plus, you can customize the submit button language to align with your brand voice and tone. You can also integrate Turnstile with your email marketing and CRM software platform for ease of use.

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A user research and feedback software, Qualaroo provides on-site polling that collects not only visitors’ feedback but their key information as well. It’s a two-in-one type of tool where you can primarily get UX feedback, but then use the same format to find out why a visitor is on your site and if you can guide them in the direction of conversion. Anything you can do to guide.

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Claiming to 2X its ROI, Sumo works to convert visitors into ecommerce customers. The Sumo tool uses pop-up functionality to help ecommerce sites in three ways: by reducing card abandonment, increasing email subscribers, and increasing average order value.

With plugins for some of the top ecommerce tools like Shopify or Magento, Sumo can be set up in minutes, and offers a 14-day free trial for you to test it out.

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There are a ton of lead generation software tools out there, so this list is by no means exhaustive; These are the ones we’ve worked with before, or features we’re impressed with. The good news is that most of the tools listed above have free options, or at least a free trial period, so you may have the opportunity to test them out before making a financial commitment.

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