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How to speed up your marketing consulting business

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Few practices go into creating a highly profitable marketing consulting or coaching practice.

Most people focus on the working part – working to get a client, any client, and then focusing on the part that works to get everything done.

Those are essential elements to be sure, but focus more on building a practice in a systematic way – one that begins with defining your business strategy and how to attract and serve your best customers. Building a system that launches quickly is the ticket to long-term success.

We have created a free course that leverages our thirty years of business building and working and collaborating with hundreds of marketing consultants around the world.

The course is video based and is divided into four major practice areas below.

marketing consulting model

There are countless ways to offer your services, from pure coaching to full-fledged “done for you” implementations. The key is to choose the model that best suits your strengths and experience.

How to generate more ideal customers

Well, as most people know, leads and clients are what make a business a business. The key is to attract “ideal customers” from someone rather than just landing work. There is a precise method to do this.

business building basics

Packaging, pricing, and proposing your services – this is the stuff that sidesteps and eventually derails most consulting businesses. Get this part right, and it will be much easier for you to sell and serve your customers.

How to better serve your customers

To create an exceptional customer experience, you must develop and operate a repeatable customer service process. Every customer is connected, oriented, and served in the same way—not because it’s more efficient for you that way (though it could be) but because you’re better able to serve ideal customers. are good, and that’s how you generate referrals!

We invite you to access our free Marketing Consultant Accelerator course, in the hope that it gives you a great roadmap, whether you’re just starting out, or can you help with your already existing business for greater profits and better customer results. Helps to refine an element.

There is no opt-in, but you need to create a log-in to access the course –

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