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Why Being a Podcast Guest Is Your Secret SEO Weapon

Why Being a Podcast Guest Is Your Secret SEO Weapon by John Jants Read more in Duct Tape Marketing

We all know that there is a lot of SEO value in creating your own content. Blogs, videos, webinars and podcasts are all great ways to build your brand’s online reputation, drive more traffic to your site, and boost your SERP position.

But creating your own content takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, guest podcasting allows you to generate the SEO benefits that come from content creation, without all the legwork of creating the content yourself from scratch.

Want to learn more about how a podcast guest can supercharge your SEO? read on!

build your reputation

When you are a guest on a podcast, you instantly gain trust and credibility. Someone who produces a show invites you to be an expert in their field; It means something!

Not only does this help you build trust with your audience, but it also conveys your name to their audience. Those who are listening to this podcast are likely already to be loyal followers of the show and the host’s brand. They rely on the host’s opinion, and your support of the host is remarkable to their audience.

Plus, appearing as a guest helps you gain credibility with other podcasters. With every guest appearance you make, you should rotate and pitch other podcast hosts—who have even bigger followers. As you continue to guest on more shows with greater reach, your reputation will grow and you will attract more and more attention to your business’s online properties.

collect more backlinks

With each podcast, you are generating more backlinks for your website. Podcast hosts often post show notes and transcripts on their website to accompany each episode. You and your business name will be tagged in all the content of your episodes, to build backlinks and drive more traffic to your website.

And again, it has a cumulative effect. For each podcast you are a guest host, you generate more and more backlinks (with more and more reputable websites) which is an important ranking factor in SEO.

Increase Social Media Mention

It’s not just about getting more attention to your website. Being a podcast guest also gives you the opportunity to generate more traffic and attention to your social media pages.

Podcast hosts are excited to promote each episode, and will tag you and your business in their posts. You want to join too. Share the link on your own social media, tag them back. Interact with fans who have responded on social media, either on your page or on the host’s page.

Engagement on social platforms can help you generate more followers and increase SEO rankings for your social pages as well.

Generate additional content for your website

The great thing about podcasts is that, like video, audio can be a jumping off point for even more content. You can easily turn a podcast transcript into a blog post about the topic. Or you can generate a series of Tweets based on quoted material from your episode. You can even use audio to put together a video with relevant infographics and slides.

The more meaningful content you can generate on your website, the better you will do in SEO. And repurposing that podcast episode is an easy way to generate additional content with minimal effort.

Get visitors to stay longer

Google prefers to keep all the specifics of how they calculate SERP rankings a secret, but there’s a strong indication that the amount of time visitors stay on a given page—influences SEO.

Embedding your podcast episodes on your website is a great way to keep someone hooked to that page for a long time. While they can skim a blog post or watch a quick explainer video in a few minutes’ time and then head to another website, a podcast episode requires that they stick to the page for 20 or more minutes. .

Receive all SEO rewards with a fraction of the work

The best part of it all is that guest podcasting allows you to get all the benefits of SEO with very little work. Creating your own podcast takes a lot of time and effort. You have to record, edit, create an accompanying blog post and transcript, promote it with your audience, and worry about building a following for your show.

If you’re a guest on someone else’s podcast, they have to handle it all. You just show up, share your expertise, and use the results to drive more attention to your brand. Yes, there’s a lot of work that goes into being a podcast guest, but it’s a fraction of the work that you put into creating your own show.

Being a podcast guest is a great way to increase your exposure to potential clients and boost your SEO. There are many benefits to this, from creating more content for your own website to building backlinks and building your online reputation.

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