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5 Best Employee Scheduling Software Features to Pay Attention to

Here are 5 key features to look for:

1. Dynamic View Calendar

employee scheduling programs such as focal point Features attractive calendars that provide a clear overview of the tasks, duties and shift employees are allocated for the coming month. These types of calendars are a key feature because they are easy to understand and leave little or no room for error. And generally, these calendars have the ability to color code items to make them even easier to understand.

2. Built-in Time Off Requests and Approvals

Integration is the key to digitization. So when it comes to employee shift scheduling software, you would almost expect it to integrate other staff management and human resources administrative items, right?

Be sure to look for integrations like this one when shopping for a software system that meets your specific needs. Unfortunately, most free scheduling programs do not include these features. But if you are going to make a monetary commitment through monthly fees, these are a must.

3. Shift Swapping and Shuffling

Revisiting and rearranging an approved schedule because someone requested a change can be annoying, especially when the software you’re using simply doesn’t allow it. And it’s bound to happen at least once, regardless of the size of your team. It is therefore imperative that the software you choose has the ability to easily make the necessary changes. sling And find my shift If a shift swapping feature is high on your list of expectations there are plenty of good options.

4. Timesheet Reporting and Analytics

It can be difficult to get accurate and reliable feedback from your employees. Especially when it comes to time management and task completion. That’s why task scheduling software that has the integrated ability to automatically report on your employee’s timesheets and task analysis is incredibly beneficial.

software systems such as 7shift And field code They have analytical features and integrations that work to provide complete detailed reports when required.

5. Schedule Export Option

The last major feature to look for when choosing an employee shift management application is the ability to import and export data. Being able to schedule shifts, track time and attendance, and communicate with employees is all well and good. But the added benefit of exporting such data makes it much easier to compile and keep records of individuals. Exporting individual employee attendance records on a monthly basis makes it so easy to implement various payroll systems.

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