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Time & Attendance System: 5 Factors To Consider Before Buying In

The development of technology has come with new and better ways of doing things, especially where workforce management, in terms of time and attendance systems, is concerned. New innovative software is making this process simpler and more efficient, which has a significant impact on business profitability and employee productivity. But, as with all technology, you need to find the right fit for your unique business needs, which is why we’ve highlighted 5 factors you need to consider before buying into a system.

What are time and attendance systems?

In simple words, Time and Attendance systems are time clocking in and out systems used by employers and employees to track and manage their time. The development of these systems has meant that this technology now takes things a step further. These systems not only manage time clock, but can also monitor mobile employees through geolocation and GPS tracking, manage paid time, create schedules and rosters, insights through reporting can provide, and provide you as an employer with, real-time data related information. For your employees such as where they are, how many hours they have worked, overtime and more.

why is it important? As they say, time is money, which is why there is a need to track and effectively manage employees’ time. This is especially the case with the cleaning service industry, where workers are spread across multiple locations and jobs. You need to make sure that your employees are performing the required contractual work in the right place for the right number of hours. If not, it could cost your business more in the form of overtime and even hinder your customer service experience. Plus, today’s time and attendance systems are often seamlessly integrated into your payroll solution, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Types of time and attendance systems

Types of time and attendance management systems

There are many different types of time and attendance systems currently in use on the market. Each fulfills a different need or business requirement. The top three bar tracking software options include:

  • time cards – This is the new digital spin on the traditionally used punch clocks. A timecard system automates time tracking by using a timecard that employees will need to swipe.
  • Proximity cards, badges, and key fobs – These tracking systems rely on individual readers that will scan and identify employees’ cards, badges, or key fobs. These not only track the clock in and out but also your employee’s activities in the workplace.
  • biometric system – Is an innovative time and attendance tracking system that uses facial recognition, fingerprints, eye scanning and more to make sure the right person is getting to the right place.

Timing and Attendance Tips

5 Factors You Need to Consider When Considering a Time and Attendance System for Your Business

From the above, it is clear that time and attendance systems come in various forms, which often makes choosing the right option a difficult decision. To make the process a little less complicated, our team at EasyRoster has highlighted the top 5 factors you need to consider when choosing one of these systems for your business and its unique needs. This includes:

  1. Flexible time-tracking across locations – Due to the nature of the cleaning service industry you need a system that not only tracks your employees and their hours but also tracks it across multiple locations.
  2. employee scheduling solutions – When choosing a time and attendance system, you need to look for a solution that goes beyond clocking technology and includes scheduling and PTO management functions. This reduces the number of solutions you have to use to ensure effective time management by employees.
  3. accurate tracking Time and attendance systems need to track time accurately to ensure efficiency as well as allow scheduling and rostering. Scheduling your workforce makes tracking time and employee attendance so much easier because you can compare the number of scheduled hours to the actual number of hours worked and how it affects your profits. It helps to identify issues, problems or opportunities for improvement.
  4. ease of use – You need to look for a solution that is user friendly, accessible and easy to use for all employees.
  5. seamless automatic integration – The solution chosen should integrate seamlessly and automatically with your payroll software and human resources programs. This will allow accurate payments to be made regarding time off, vacation, overtime, absence, and more.

The above factors inevitably result in a reduction in human error, as these processes are automated. This means fewer calculations related errors, less risk of non-compliance and better efficiency. By choosing a solution that meets all your needs and integrates into your existing system, you can save costs and increase productivity. The benefits to your business, when used in the right time and attendance system, can only increase in profitability.

EasyRoster Attendance System

What makes Adapt IT EasyRoster the perfect time and attendance solution for your business?

EasyRoster software will empower you as an operations manager to manage staff deployment from office in real time and also, automatically record additional details. It makes it so much easier and easier to track employee’s time and attendance.

This employee check-in functionality is conducted with either biometric machines (fingerprint or facial recognition) or proximity card technologies. This ensures that the scheduled employee arrives and leaves at the right places at the right time and is working the right hours.

This software not only ensures simple and effective employee time and attendance management, but it also enables seamless and efficient staff scheduling at all contract locations, which can be done both automatically and manually.

EasyRoster seamlessly integrates into the workplace payroll system and ensures that your HR department has all the necessary information related to your employees’ hours, holidays, sick leave, employee absenteeism, overtime, and more. This not only saves time but also increases productivity which significantly affects the success and profitability of the business.


Time and attendance systems play an important role in many businesses, including cleaning service companies. Finding the right system for your unique business needs is critical to the success of such a system implementation.

The one solution out of all the options for this specific industry is EasyRoster because of the features mentioned above. To learn more about EasyRoster and how it can simplify your employee time and attendance tracking, book a demo today.

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