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Innovation and startups: Buying gold: Everything you need to know

Gold is a lustrous and stainless precious metal. A secular commodity, it has always occupied one of the most important places among the known precious metals. If you are interested in the metal, it is normal for you to ask yourself, why, how, where and in what form to buy gold? This article tells you everything you need to know about buying gold.

Why buy gold?

Gold has been used in many financial and commercial exchanges since ancient times. Their extreme rarity And the fact that its intrinsic value is a unique property.

Gold: a safe haven

Thanks to the uses that men have made of it over millennia, this metal is very reliable. This advantage makes it one of the most commonly used precious materials in the world today.

This context creates a tendency to buy gold, protect your legacy, Actually, gold assumes the title of safe haven, which gives it stability in times of crisis. Also, buying gold means protecting the value of your money and your resources.

Yellow metal protects against loss of purchasing power of money i.e. inflation. This is one reason why banks also obtain them to secure their stock of currencies. In fact, when the world is going through a major financial crisis, many players turn to gold, which encourages its price to rise.

Gold: Investment open to all

Compared to investing in the stock market or cryptocurrencies, No technical knowledge is required to hold gold, Thus the acquisition of metal is within the reach of everyone.

Gold is not only a permanent means of savings, but also an assured financial investment. Similarly, it is not necessary to have any special financial condition before buying. Actually, there are many forms in which you can buy gold according to your means and your need.

In what form and from where to get gold?

Before starting the purchase of gold, it is recommended to know clearly in what form and from where to buy it.

Where to buy gold?

Gold can be bought at many places from various intermediaries. Depending on the quantity and the requested form, if you are planning to buy gold in Grenoble for example, you can Find stores specializing in the sale and purchase of gold,

Expert in precious metals market

First, to buy gold, it is important, even essential, to check whichever market you choose, to ensure that your provider is trustworthy. By talking to an expert in the precious metals market, you can Get access to various purchase options to get your gold, It’s also worth comparing prices between these different offers to make sure you get a good deal. Unlike other means of buying gold, it allows you to directly dispose of the gold that you are about to acquire.

from a bank

You have to go to the bank to buy gold a structure containing a deposit of precious metal, However, if you are considering this solution, you will need to make sure that you have a sufficient quantity to order. In fact, banks usually do not offer gold for sale. It is a service that is provided only to individuals or companies wishing to make individual reservations.

Furthermore, banks do not consider the sale of gold to be profitable, which explains the fact that it is not offered by default within the services they offer.

On the Internet

It is also possible for you to buy gold over the internet, but only if the company you are dealing with is reliable. To check the credibility of your service provider, you can check the opinions left by internet users. you can also check their credentials before making a purchase.

ways to buy gold

Gold can come in many forms. We usually find paper gold and physical gold.

paper gold

This form of gold may appear as Stocks, trackers (ETFs) or exchange-traded contracts, Paper gold is generally recommended for investors who are looking for a short term investment. Some people obtain the precious metal through the stock markets to take advantage of its price fluctuations.

physical gold

Otherwise known as “savings gold”, physical gold can be in the form of bars, coins or jewellery.

ingots and ingots

ingots are Gold blocks made according to specific standards Which varies from one country to another. There are many categories of different sizes and weights, from raw to refined.

For example, mini ingots or ingots are pieces of ingots that weigh between one and five grams of gold. At the same time, we get an ounce of gold which is equal to 31.10 grams of gold. Gold bars are a bit rare and usually weigh about 12.5 kg.

gold coins

Gold coins are, in a rare sense, in the sense that they are Remnants of a currency once used by various peoples and civilizations, It is now possible to get new gold coins by buying gold from banks. This form of gold is also found in some individuals who make collector’s goods.

gold jewelery

Jewelers made of gold can be found near jewellers. However, buying gold in this form has the disadvantage of not having a fixed price, as many factors can affect the price. Actually, The jeweler’s popularity, the complexity of the jewel, and other factors Decorating it can significantly increase the price of these ornaments.

buy gold investment

How to keep purchased gold?

The means of storage for holding gold are diverse, which makes it possible to meet the different needs of the holders. The yellow metal can be kept at home, in a safe from a bank rental or from a specialized service provider.

in the safe at home

Storing gold at home, however practical, still not safe, Cases of theft or assault may come in front of you. Choosing this option is tantamount to being prudent. You can also favor secure features like safes. To strengthen your security system, also consider installing a video surveillance system and alarm. If you decide to keep your gold at home, you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary means to ensure its safety.

in a bank vault

Keeping gold in the bank is subject to certain rules. A special reservation for the safe should be done with the bank during the entire tenure. Since banks are not always specialized in this area, Finding a structure to hold your gold can be difficult, If the bank goes bankrupt, you may lose access to your vault and therefore your gold.

Custody of gold in a private company

In the market, there are also private companies that offer individuals to secure their precious metals. usually, thThey charge 1-1.5% of the value of the gold held over a certain period, In addition, they provide customers with confidential identifiers ensuring the security of gold.

Depending on your needs and your needs, choosing your provider may take time. Also, make sure the structure you’re working with is good, as bankruptcy could result in loss of access to your gold.

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