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Innovation and startups: Facebook: The stock market lost $34 billion since the boycott of Donald Trump

Criticized for the degree of censorship it imposes on its choices, and especially at the top of the US state apparatus, Facebook is already paying the cost of its recent releases or proposals. Like dating back 2 weeks, that resulted in the removal of the account of Donald Trump, who was still the President of the United States, pure and simple. Since this episode, Facebook has lost $ 34 billion in the stock market. Like the year 2021 is not good for Facebook.

turmoil in the United States

At the beginning of the month, the whole world witnessed a view we thought was possible everywhere on the planet, except in the United States. Members of a de facto anti-globalization group and other characteristics have entered the Capitol in Washington, the seat of the most advanced democracy in the world, the House of Representatives and the US Senate.

These protesters may have been encouraged by Donald Trump, who during the final days of his mandate, sometimes through insidious tweets and publications on the verge of racism or fascism, did not stop fueling the fires of hate on Twitter and Facebook.

As a result of the race, he was simply and simply removed from the two most used social networks in the world. The leaders of both the platforms took the decision arbitrarily. However, Facebook defends itself by remembering that even the President of the United States is not above the laws and its rules.

And what was just a temporary suspension eventually became Donald Trump’s lifetime ban from Facebook: Our ban is indefinite. We said it would last at least until the transition to the presidency, but we have no intention of lifting it,” explains Facebook number 2 Sheryl Sandberg.

Facebook lost billions in the stock market

In reaction to Facebook’s decision, its shareholders and investors feared retaliation from Donald Trump. This caused Facebook’s share price to drop by 4.5%. This resulted in a loss of $33.6 billion.

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