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options are eating the stock market

Today’s Talk Your Book is presented by Simplified Asset Management.

We spoke with Simplified CEO and co-founder Paul Kim about their new ETF lineup.

We discuss:

  • Thematic ETFs are the new active fund
  • Importance of RIAs in the Fund Industry
  • What is a carry in the bond market?
  • Pros and Cons of Leveraging in Fixed Income
  • Why leverage is like a chef’s knife
  • How advisors are dipping their toe in water with crypto exposure
  • Why is the GBTC exemption not removed?
  • When will the markets start to care about the risks?
  • How options are more powerful now in the stock market
  • Who is Taking Advantage of Reddit Traders?
  • How covered call strategies have changed
  • Two Major Risks in Fixed Income

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