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Innovation & Startups: With Amazon One, from now on you’ll only need your palm to pay

The means of payment have never been so numerous, varied and varied. You can pay nowadays by cash, credit or debit card, your smartphone, even your eyes (retinal scan) or even more complex means that involve cryptocurrencies. However Amazon is breaking the game with a payment solution that has never been used before. The US firm yesterday unveiled Amazon One, a contactless and palm-based payment system.

Testing phase for Amazon One

Not yet deployed globally, Amazon One is in the testing phase of only two of the Amazon Go grocery stores in the city of Seattle in Washington state in the United States.

Actually, it’s a payment system that breaks the code. Its users will only need a palm to make payment. A gesture that is likely to become popular when we know the firepower of the Amazon that has literally colonized the world.

how it works ?

Quite a simple operation Amazon One uses three entities to make payments.

The first of them is of course an Amazon account, linked to the second entity. This second entity is essentially a bank account from which direct debit will be made. Then, via a dedicated terminal, everything is combined with a system to recognize the micro-waves in the palm of the hand.

An Amazon One Contactless Payment Terminal – Photo Credit: Amazon

To make a payment, customers just have to pass their palm over the scanner or identification terminal. And the turn will be played.

And what about users’ personal data?

, We take the security of sensitive data like the palm of your hand and your payment information very seriously. ,, Ensures the relevant page of the Amazon One site. , Your Palm data and payment information is not stored on the device, and multiple layers of security and controls protect your data at all times, including dedicated secure areas with encryption, data isolation or controlled access.assures Amazon in a press release.

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