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Innovations and Startups: China Preparing to Be a Leader in Processor Manufacturing, It Hunts in Intel and TSMC

Since May 2019, Chinese firm Huawei has been under sanctions from the US administration. The Chinese giant has been specifically accused of forgery and false use of forgery, as well as espionage, among other charges. The only downside is that till date no proof has been given of the facts of which he is accused. And it is Huawei that is suffering from now, the firm no longer even has the right to use American technologies. In response, China is preparing to become the processor market leader by hunting down competitors.

Huawei Android and processor denied

Since being blacklisted by the Trump administration, Huawei has been banned from doing business in the United States. As a result, in South and Central America and even in the North, the Chinese have no way of selling their millions of devices.

A silicon wafer – Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Furthermore, this restriction also prevents Huawei from installing Android on its smartphones. And even for using processors manufactured by American firms or embedding American technologies. As a result of the race, from September Huawei will no longer be able to manufacture a smartphone because it runs out of processors to animate them.

For months on all fronts, Huawei can thank the Chinese central government that intends to develop the processor foundry industry.

China’s disgrace everywhere

We know the Chinese ways. Suddenly, there’s nothing new to put in their mouths if not the fact that China’s rumblings among processor giants. Including Intel, TSMC. With a view to boost our internal foundry sector.

the idea is at the end Quanxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing (QXIC) as well Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (HSMC), the local leader in the manufacture of mobile processors.

An Ericsson processor – photo credit: pics

Various incentives are offered by the Chinese government to employees who agree to join local companies. Specifically an entry bonus equal to 2.5 times the field’s annual salary. And the stratospheric bonus.

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