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Ninepoint Expands Access to Bitcoin ETFs

Using a fraction of its management fee, NinePoint completely offsets the fund’s carbon footprint and attracts investors as enthusiastic about environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment opportunities as they can with bitcoin. are in contact with.

“By giving investors another way to buy bitcoin, we are making it easier for investors to participate in the dynamic crypto market while supporting their ESG goals,” Alex Tapscott, managing director of Ninepoint’s Digital Asset Group, said in a statement.

Tapscott, a CFA charterholder and thought leader on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, joined Ninepoint in January of last year as the firm officially launched its digital assets unit.

Bitcoin ETFs in Canada have gained more recognition over the past months as more investors seek to invest in the nascent ETF category.

After Purpose Investments launched the world’s first bitcoin ETF in February last year, other ETF providers have followed suit with their own offerings. Ether, as well as ETFs providing access to multi-cryptocurrency strategies, have also flooded the Canadian fund space.

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