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Why Bull Markets Can Last For Too Long

This week’s Animal Spirits with Michael and Ben is backed by YCharts:

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We discuss:

  • Michaels predictions for 2022
  • Average Returns After a Big Year in the Stock Market
  • Why 2021 was such a good year in the stock market
  • Doomsday prophets are not good for anyone
  • Why This Bull Market Might Still Have Room To Run
  • Why It’s Hard to Define What Makes a Bull Market
  • Why do people hate the Fed so much?
  • How crypto pushed hedge funds out of the limelight
  • Why ESG products are exploding
  • Why are timber prices rising again?
  • Why shipping containers are such an integral part of the economy
  • Is inflation lower if you shop online?
  • Ideas are easier than execution
  • What if we break down inflation by income level?

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