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Bruce Willis Is the Latest in the Movie to Launch a Bad Guy ESG ETF

(Bloomberg) — The villain in a new crime-thriller movie tries to make the world a better place off-screen.

Rob Gough, who stars opposite Bruce Willis in “American Seas,” is launching the Strategy Shares Halt Climate Change ETF with David Miller, Chief Investment Officer of Strategy Shares, whom he has known through his past as a serial entrepreneur and investor. I know.

The actively managed fund is set to begin trading on the Nasdaq on Tuesday under the ticker “NZRO” and seeks to invest mostly in US-dominated companies that have adopted eco-friendly business practices.

The fund will screen companies that have either pledged to reduce carbon emissions or have received at least 50% of their revenue from clean energy or efforts to reduce emissions. It will have a management fee of 95 basis points, and Strategy Shares — which manages more than $45 billion in assets — will use a portion of the profits to invest in private sector companies working toward reversing climate change. will do for

Gough, who began acting in 2017, said she has always had a passion for protecting the environment, and invested “every dollar” in the recycling business in 2010.

“As I’ve made money over the years, I’ve challenged my financial advisors to invest their money in companies that are doing things the right way,” he said. In the past, it has struggled to find investment products that are not guilty of defying ESG standards when investing in companies involved in “greenwashing” or carbon emissions-producing industries such as oil. So, he decided to pair up with Miller and launch a fund himself.

The ETF is the latest to get returns from ESG positive companies. In December, Goldman Sachs Group, BNY Mellon, JPMorgan Chase and Kathy Woods Ark Investment Management all offered ETFs with perpetual inclination. In 2021, over 30 ESG funds were launched.

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