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Investors should see China as ‘the next positive catalyst for 2022’

Joyce believed Chinese officials had just confirmed that their politburo meeting and the central bank’s policy in early December had changed.

While he said 2021 was a “year of tightness and regulation” when China indicated it wanted to rein in capitalism that was growing ahead of itself and felt it needed to take advantage of the real estate sector, Looks like it will relax a bit in 2022. As indicated by its December statement, it wanted more stability.

“This indicates that they have not completed their reform agenda, but it may equal growth,” Joyce said, “and that growth is now back as a key driver for the Chinese economy in 2022.”

Joyce is optimistic about that too, noting that China will host the Winter Olympics and also hold its 20th National Party Congress this year to conduct its five-year leadership review, so “there are a number of reasons you’d expect that They will start stimulating the economy.”

All of this provides an opportunity for Canadians to invest directly in the Chinese capital markets, and Mackenzie has some major products going for it.

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