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No added value in increasing transition, says Fiera Capital founder

When that position effectively disappeared due to the restructuring of Fiera Capital, Desjardins offered LeMay the role of global president and COO. In taking that position, LeMay succeeded Vincent Duhamel, who was instrumental in implementing the 2022 strategic plan and became vice chairman of Fiera Capital’s board of directors.

“When I watch JP’s career path with us, every time I offered him a huge step forward in terms of possibilities and challenges, he grew and outperformed him,” Desjardins says. “Hopefully, this new move will prove to be as good for him as the previous one; If that’s the case, it would be a good win.”

Fiera Capital is entering the final phase of its 2022 strategic plan, which includes the four pillars of People, Process, Performance and Partners. But even over the past year, Desjardins says, its leadership has been working on a broader 10-year vision of what they want the firm to be. While the Four Pillars are still very much a part of the firm’s DNA, they see the firm as much more than that.

“I like to think that today, we are much more than a portfolio manager or an investment management company. We are capital allocators,” Desjardins said. “We dream of being seen as the efficient capital allocator whose It means being efficient not only in terms of returns, but also in terms of diversity, from an integration point of view, to be efficient from an environmental point of view.

“It’s about accounting for the social responsibilities you have in the broad sense of allocating capital, while achieving competitive rates of return for customers. And as really serious research now demonstrates, these things are not in contradiction.” are … in fact, they are very complementary.”

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