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OBSI has three main priorities for the next five years

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to financial markets, the expectations and attitudes of Canadians, and the way services are delivered by industry,” said Ombudsman and CEO Sarah Bradley. “We are in an exciting period of innovation and growth and as an organization need to engage and be responsive to these changes.”

The three pillars on which the plan is built:

Success Pillar 1: Public Support and Dispute Resolution

OBSI provides information services to assist consumers who reach out to us with complaints, and we conduct fair, efficient and effective investigations of disputes between consumers and participating firms. We will do so:

  • Provide accessible, high quality information services that help consumers who have reached out to us make informed choices.
  • To conduct an impartial, independent investigation of disputes between consumers and participating firms.
  • Explore innovative dispute resolution approaches that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Success Pillar 2: Communication, Awareness and Thought Leadership

OBSI works to share our expertise and experience to raise awareness and build trust about our services and strengthen the financial services sector in the public interest. We will do so:

  • Message to consumers and collaborate with stakeholders to strengthen public awareness and ensure that consumers have easy access to information about OBSI when they have a problem.
  • Share information and provide thought leadership.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders.
  • Advance regulatory and policy changes that improve consumer access to effective Financial Ombudsman services in Canada.

Success Pillar 3: Organizational Flexibility and Continuous Improvement

OBSI is efficient and effective and adapts to changes in the financial services sector and our operating environment. We will do so:

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