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Schroders Announces Appointment of North America’s Sustainability Chief

Severinowski, who is based in New York, will lead the sustainability efforts and environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration for Schroeder’s investments in North America. She will report to Andy Howard, Global Head of Sustainable Investments, and Tiffany Potesta, Regional Chief Strategy Officer for North America.

Severinowski has been with Schroeder for more than 11 years and was previously the Investment Director of the Quantitative Equity Products (QEP) team. Additionally, she has played key roles in relationship management, investment strategies and options.

Andy Howard, Global Head of Sustainable Investments, said in a release: “At Schroders we are committed to integrating ESG factors into investment decisions and active ownership in the strategies we manage, hence Marina’s deepening within the firm across all asset classes. Knowledge makes him good. -Posted to guide our sustainability strategy in North America.

“Our research and experience tell us that investors in North America increasingly recognize the importance of sustainability issues to their investments and their stakeholders. Marina’s appointment allows us to strengthen ESG integration and innovation to meet investor needs. will allow it to continue.

Schroeder has expanded and strengthened its ongoing efforts and capabilities in recent years. He is a member of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, rated A+ by UN PRI for its sustained investment approach. Last year, the company announced more than 12 new fixture appointments in North America and around the world.

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