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Who will be the CFO in 2022 as the pressure builds to give more?

But becoming a CFO in 2022 is more than just keeping the money flowing and taking care of corporate assets.

According to a new report by FTI Consulting, the CFO is being burdened with a wide range of responsibilities.

Such is the pressure on CFOs that, when asked by corporate executives how long they expect their current CFO’s tenure at the firm to last, most said less than five years.

David White, a senior managing director in the office of CFO Solutions, said, “As we watch the CFO role pivot to being an enterprise value creator, expectations have also risen to become a change leader who needs to achieve lofty financial performance goals. should receive.” work in FTI Consulting “However, among all the ‘traditional’ areas that a CFO should lead, there is a new list of responsibilities and the added pressure of fostering a culture and engagement with a remote and virtual workforce.” is extended.”

increasing responsibilities

Being a CFO in 2022 means being an agent of change, as the world of work and finance is changing rapidly.

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