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Workforce Automation: Many Benefits

Which workforce management tasks can be automated?

When automating parts of your business, it’s important to choose areas and tasks that would actually be better if automated, rather than trying to automate everything. That said, these are the areas we recommend that you consider automating:

1. Scheduling and Shift Roster

Work schedules and shift rosters are some of the most important parts of running a business and managing a team. And far less is worse than an incorrect or poorly structured roster. By automating this task, you eliminate all the time and effort of it. result? A roaster with guaranteed accuracy.

Note: Your roster is only as accurate as what you input, so it may take a few trials before you find the right equation for your team.

2. Time Keeping and Attendance Management

It takes time to keep time. And tracking attendance is needlessly frustrating. By automating the task of keeping time and attendance through a software solution, you can choose how you record time and attendance, as well as who approves and reviews employee timesheets.

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. With automation, your employees can request leave, you can track attendance and absence, and you can keep an up-to-date record of them all. Tracking individual employees and storing their information in one place makes it easier to manage other admin systems like payroll.

3. Skills and Training Tracking

The more employees you have, the more difficult it becomes to track, verify, and follow up on training, qualification, and up-skilling efforts. By automating this task and the people directly involved, you are able to track and assess employees individually. With our solution, you have the option to set up alerts before employee certificate renewal.

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