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Beware of Fake News About the ‘Fourth Stimulus Check’

WASHINGTON — No one in Congress is talking about new legislation to send another stimulus payment to the American people — but that hasn’t stopped news websites from posting fake news about a potential “fourth stimulus check.”

Feather Excerpt from USA Today website Tuesday justified speculation by pointing to the recent surge in COVID-19 and noting that lawmakers had previously sent out three stimulus checks in response to the pandemic. Stories on A petition advocating monthly payments has followed – even though the petition began in 2020. Spanish soccer site has run a Shocking number of headlines on the topic,

These headlines are trying to turn false hope into clicks. There has been no discussion in Washington about another stimulus check.

Democrats have a huge social spending bill that would provide child care subsidies, expand access to pre-kindergarten and expand monthly child allowance payments, but there’s no stimulus check in the law — and it’s completely stalled at the moment. Is.

Sen. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) has refused to support the bill, and one of his least favorite provisions is one that gives parents a monthly allowance. She is concerned about inflation and has expressed concern that she thinks too many parents waste money on drugs. In other words, this person is not going to vote for unconditional cash payments to everyone in America.

One thing that’s strange about the “fourth stimulus check” stories is that according to Google Trends, interest in the topic is less than it was last year. (Even then, another check was not on the table.)

The closest thing to an incentive check is a tax refund from the IRS. The tax filing season starts from January. After February 24, and the IRS may begin paying the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit refunds. 15. The amount of the Child Tax Credit refund would be $1,800 per child, covering the first six months of the previous year when the IRS did not initiate monthly payments.

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