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How the ‘new wave’ of infrastructure opens up investment opportunities

Already, the Biden administration has committed US$65 billion to build reliable high-speed Internet over broadband infrastructure, and $75 billion to modernize electricity infrastructure by moving away from fossil fuels as part of the new energy plan. has promised. Also, an additional US$15 billion has been earmarked for electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to power them.

,[P]Perhaps the most important question for investors is how to navigate the growing universe of infrastructure possibilities,” he said, grouping the opportunities into several categories.

Under the broad title of digital infrastructure, they encompassed three related functions: telecommunications towers, data centers, and cloud services. While most investors do not yet appreciate the business of building and maintaining cell towers to the world’s largest telecommunications operators, AGF analysts said this type of B2B relationship is now common across much of North America and Europe, Which generates a lot of real estate. Investment trusts (REITs) with matching billions of dollars in revenue and market capitalization.

Additionally, more and more REITs and businesses are focusing on owning or leasing real estate space for use as data centers. In addition to covering a diverse range of customers, the contracts associated with such agreements typically include services that generate additional revenue, such as electricity and cooling systems.

With regard to cloud services, he said that many companies are migrating from “on-the-premises” servers to database hosting and cloud computing services, which are sold and maintained by the world’s most renowned technology giants. The revenue from such services is rising due to the increasing percentage-wise share of the tech titan’s total sales.

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