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Vaccine Fund Opens Doors to the Future: Will You Run?

While Albrecht said that Pfizer Inc., which has antibody pills for initial COVID treatment, is doing well, other companies are not. Moderno and Novavax, which each have only one vaccine, have fallen — Novavax by 50-60% from its high — and “we’ve come across some of those one-trick pony-like companies,” Albrecht said. . He added that others, such as Medicago, are also down 60-70%, “a little late to the party”.

Albrecht believes that people underestimate the long-lasting benefits from mRNA vaccines that Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson produced.

“The doors have opened for these same companies in terms of diseases that they may be able to address in the near future in ways we never imagined,” he said, noting that Some of these companies have used artificial intelligence. To develop today’s COVID vaccines. He sees that they are developing more uses for those, including customizing cancer treatments individually.

Albrecht expects that the cost of this technology will drop as its effectiveness increases, so “the implications for saving lives and preventing diseases become almost exponential when a trial goes from $20,000 to $250, where they are some May be in years.

“I think people probably underestimate it,” he said. “With vaccine funds like HVAX, people can hear ‘vaccine’ and go, ‘Okay, the ship’s sailed on that.’ But, these companies are now poised to do great things in the future, and I Looks like this is what you’re buying.”

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