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Canadians willing to drop zero fees for more secure fintech

The report highlights the particular risk posed by these digital assets as one of several key trends. Worryingly, McAfee has warned of more fake cryptocurrencies, like the fake Squid game coins that have surfaced recently.

On a positive note, research highlights that consumers want to prioritize privacy and security over convenience and cost.

Given a choice between zero-fee banking and completely secure banking, 51% will choose security while 23% will choose cost savings.

For digital payments, 51% of respondents said they would pay an additional 10% for secure purchases – while only 14% said they would risk leaking contact information to purchase at a lower cost.

“Nearly every aspect of our lives is now intersecting the digital world. This requires a greater level of information to be shared with the growing number of applications and organizations via the Internet. Keeping this information secure requires a combination of good user hygiene as well as a strong security architecture of applications such as strong passwords and multi-factor authentication,” said Steve Grobman, McAfee’s SVP and Chief Technology Officer.

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