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Mindy Diamond on Freedom: What’s Rockefeller’s Success?

Few names are more recognized in the financial world than Rockefeller.

A family office legacy dating back to the 1800s was given a new life under the leadership of former Merrill and Morgan Stanley leader Greg Fleming. In 2018, Rockefeller Capital Management was officially launched to serve ,The legacy of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries and their families.”

Rockefeller quickly became one of the most sought-after options for consultants looking for an opportunity to provide concierge-level service to their ultra- and high-net-worth clients.

And in addition to a brand name synonymous with the world’s elite, the firm’s leadership ranks were stacked with some of the industry’s top players—including Fleming’s Morgan Stanley colleague Michael Outlaw, the episode’s guest.

Michael joined the firm in 2018, serving as the Divisional Director of Private Wealth Management until 2021. At that time, he became the National Region Director of the Rockefeller Global Family Office, overseeing development and service offerings for its clients and advisors. He is also a member of the Management Committee of the firm.

In this episode with Mindy Diamond, Michael talks about where Rockefeller is today, including:

  • Their exceptional recruiting speed—and why top advisors are flocking to this 3-year-old firm.
  • The rebirth of the boutique model—and how the firm compares to others in the space.
  • His “modern multi-family office” concept—and how it’s resonating with consultants and clients alike.
  • The firm’s goals and vision—and what growth opportunities exist for the consultants who join them.
  • and many more.

As Michael shares, “Clients are asking for more than at large brokerages.” And finally, there are consultants too. It is this notion that serves as a key component of Rockefeller’s modern multi-family office model – a recipe that is working exceptionally well for the firm and all of its stakeholders.

This is a show that many advisors have asked us for and we are happy to give – a rare insider’s view of a wealth management success story unlike any other.

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