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The Healthcare Matter Isn’t Just About COVID

Brompton’s healthcare portfolio, Claire says, is geared more heavily toward healthcare devices like prosthetic hips and knees and heart valves. A breathtaking rate of innovation and product development, as well as increased R&D spending by 2015, has led to some exciting forms of minimally invasive techniques, such as heart valves that can be implanted without the need for open-heart surgery – a The expectation is that as the aging population’s trend towards processes takes hold, those interventions will increase. And immediately, he also expects an increase in the number of procedures in the short term, possibly in the months after 2022.

“Some of these procedures were apparently postponed during COVID because a lot of them, especially on the orthopedic side, are considered elective or non-urgent surgeries. Those processes initially fell through in 2020,” Clare says. “We thought they were going to come back in 2021, but then the delta version emerged, and now we have Omicron. … Hospitals are struggling right now, so as we move into the second half of the year, things There are probably going to be normalcy, and we see an opportunity for a catch-up period in the near term.”

Another healthcare group backed by Brompton’s portfolio management team are companies in the business of providing life science equipment, diagnostics and testing solutions. While the base business for those companies was initially reduced during the start of the pandemic, they were able to offset later COVID-related work such as PCR testing and bioprocessing of materials related to vaccine development.

“Now as we go back to normal, we are seeing an improvement in the Aadhaar business, but we are still seeing work related to COVID. … COVID testing is probably at the highest level right now, and is likely to continue,” he said. “Now you’ve got this group of companies that were growing 4% to 6% on average pre-pandemic in revenue, and it was up about 8% to 10%. So we think revenue growth over the medium term tends to be within the mid to high single digit range. ,

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