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Small businesses want governments to find new COVID solutions

“The market is telling us that the issues we have with COVID seem to disappear or slow down at some point,” he said.

“The stock market is also typically made up of large, publicly traded companies, whereas small business owners are not public,” Small said, noting large corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. Well, North American stocks drive the market. “Mom and pop shops are having more difficulty. Walmart, Amazon and these big corporations have been able to flourish with their online presence. These companies may have some issues and meltdowns, but not like the pizza joint or the hairstylist on the corner. Therefore, you can have a lot of small businesses close and still see TSX at an all-time high. ,

Businesses are also realizing that the current inflation could have been avoided with a different COVID response.

“These are numbers we haven’t seen in decades. And what do we do? We closed schools!” Smalls, who is in southern Ontario, where some schools reopened this week. School closures affect working parents, which can lead to labor shortages and then supply chain problems. “It is a lot that is causing inflationary pressure, so we have to start changing the rules regarding COVID.

“People don’t really know the end game here. They ask, Where are we going? How’s this going to end? Some people have a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel because of this. Like, what next year Will? We thought the delta version might be the last and hopefully things are back to normal. Now we have Omicron. So, what happens in November? What happens when the next period comes?”

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