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A third of Canadians are more concerned about retirement funding

Neil Kerr, Head of Scotia Global Asset Management (Canada), “These results indicate that while investors are concerned about meeting their retirement goals, regular meetings with financial advisors substantially reduce those concerns. In a constantly changing environment, the value of advice prevails.” , said in a release.

The survey also found that among those who visited their advisor in the past six months:

  • 86% say their advisors keep them on track to meet their goals regardless of market changes
  • 76% believe they are better off financially if they manage their money on their own

“We aim to enrich the financial futures of our clients with excellent investment solutions delivered in partnership with comprehensive wealth advice. Canadian investors are craving this, and we believe, as the survey results testify. The depth and breadth of advice they receive will continue to grow,” Kerr said.

What does this mean for consultants?

That’s an opportunity. Canadians are stressed over the prospect of not having enough for retirement – ​​a situation that is clearly exacerbated by the uncertain times we are living through. Still, this survey indicates that mentors – at least the good ones – can not only help people get better but can also give them reassurance that the future is brighter than they thought. If you can transmit this message effectively, prospecting can be easy.

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