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Wealthsimple Inks Partners for New Sustainable Investment Offering

Ben Reeves, Chief Investment Officer at Wealthsimple, said: “We are rapidly reevaluating our existing investment products to find ways to improve the availability of ESG-investing options available to our clients. We see it as our responsibility to make the transition to a low carbon economy essential for our customers to achieve good investment results.”

The index is generally geared to investments in green bond issues supporting renewable energy, pollution control, climate change adaptation and other environmentally sustainable programs, or those that focus on social issues such as socioeconomic development, poverty and nutrition. Specializes in financing focused projects. ,

To ensure that the issuers included in the index adhere to green, social and sustainable principles, the bonds in the index are required to meet a set of guidelines from the International Capital Markets Association. They will also be validated by the Climate Bond Initiative at launch, and will have to go through once a year.

“The demand for ESG and socially responsible investment solutions has increased over the past few years, and we are honored that Wealthsimple chose to list WSGB on the NEO exchange,” said Jose Schmidt, President and CEO of NEO Is.”

“We see this latest ETF as an opportunity to impact investing through green bonds that are more accessible to all Canadians,” Reeves said.

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