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Canadian VC strikes new record post-value deal amid global gains

Overall, KPMG reported that VC investments reached a record US$671 billion in 2021 across 38,644 deals.

The US led the charge for the full year with $361 billion ($95.2 billion in the fourth quarter alone), compared to Europe’s $123 billion in 9,710 deals and Asia-Pacific’s $181 billion in 10,498 deals. All three regions posted higher deal volumes and prices than in 2020.

“2011 was a remarkable year for the global venture capital market,” said Conor Moore, head of KPMG Private Enterprise in the Americas region. “Dry powder assets, continued participation from non-traditional investors and a powerful surge in exit activity have all combined to drive venture capital investment into companies across sectors to new heights, even when larger organizations are able to outperform Raised big fund.

Moore remains confident of continuing the momentum to 2022.

“We expect exit activity to remain vibrant and drive healthy valuations, both in terms of IPOs and mergers and acquisitions, and provide another year of strong investments in the enterprise ecosystem,” he added.

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