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Mackenzie expands Canadians’ access to award-winning investment team

The Mackenzie North American Equity Fund invests in a relatively concentrated portfolio of primarily US and Canadian companies, primarily distributed across sectors and industries. It aims to provide some degree of stability to investors who want a steady growth in their investments over a long period of time. By implementing a rigorous evaluation process, the team aims to identify key companies that have an average rate of growth and low cyclicality.

Meanwhile, the Mackenzie North American Balanced Fund’s underlying holdings include a combination of equity investments in U.S. and Canadian companies, as well as a diversified portfolio of U.S. and Canadian fixed income securities. The portfolio is constructed to meet the growth, income and volatility objectives of balanced fund investors while simultaneously maximizing risk-adjusted returns.

Dina DeGeor, Portfolio Manager and Team Co-Lead, said, “The Mackenzie Bluewater team has a strong track record of success and is proud to identify companies that offer steady, organic growth with the potential to outdo their competition. does.” “These new funds reflect our commitment to investing in best-in-class businesses with strong fundamentals.”

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