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Arnerich Massena’s Reagan Opinion on the Secrets of Organic Growth

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In recent years, M&A has dominated the RIA industry. But Ernerich Massena is different – as one of the fastest growing RIAs in the business, starting in 1991 he began to achieve growth with a model that served many unique customers and business types. This requires having multiple platforms of service to its customers, but also embarking on a journey to identify the best opportunities for long-term, sustainable growth.

Organic evolution has almost exclusively driven the development of the American massena. In this episode, Mark Bruno, Managing Director, Informa Wealth Management, talks with Reagan Rae, CPWA, Co-CEO, Managing Director, Senior Investment Advisor, Ernerich Massena. Reagan shares his company’s growth philosophy, how they measure growth rates when considering market opportunities, and what the future holds for Ernerich Massena when it comes to M&A.

Mark and Reagan Discussion:

  • How does Ernerich Massena define and focus development? How do they balance growth from existing relationships or new customer acquisition?
  • What are the keys to growth within a business and who is responsible for growth at Ernerich Massena?
  • How has Americh Massena reinvested in the business to drive growth? Where is the best ROI seen?

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