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How Dynamic Live in Conversation helps portfolio managers form opinions

3, “Legally Active Perspectives: The Year to Come” offers a general portfolio management focus. 10, “Equity Income Investing: A Sector by Sector Deep Dive” provides a deep dive on sector coverage. 17, “Dynamic Active ETFs: A Legitimately Active Advantage” focused on opportunities for actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which Brisley said is more targeted to specific products that advisors can use in their portfolios. Can be used.

Sessions are open to all. The three-and-a-half hour sessions begin at 11 a.m. EST and qualify for CE accreditation.

Dynamic Funds started offering virtual sessions in March 2020. Since then it has offered over 50 portfolio management, conference calls, webcasts and dynamic live sessions, and plans to continue to provide online sessions for the convenience of advisors.

Recorded submissions will be available by March 16 to all who have registered by then.

“We are striving to provide timely, relevant and accessible information to help advisors build flexible and efficient portfolios,” Brisley said. “This is the ultimate goal for this range. Our company tagline says ‘Invest with Advice’, so we believe that is the most effective way for Canadian investors to access the expertise and the types of products we offer.” The offer is through a qualified financial advisor.

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