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Income Tax Deadlines Are Getting Normal, But Not All Deductions Are Yet

The CRA is allowing some home office expenses for those who had to work from home because of the pandemic. The simple formula for that is two dollars a day. Last year the claim could be for up to 200 days, but now it can be claimed for 250 days, which means it now costs $500 instead of $400. But, those who were earlier claiming home office expenses can continue to do so.

People who require their jobs to purchase personal protective equipment — such as a car salesperson — have their employer sign a T2200 form to claim those expenses.

“The CRA has sent a lot of letters lately to verify the eligibility of these recipients, and some people have had to pay it back,” Zhang said. “When you have to pay these benefits, they are deductions you can claim under your income for your 2022 tax year.”

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