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NEI Investments wants to help build a more sustainable world

As global and social issues unfold, investors have expanded their thinking to consider more than just net return and risk. More than ever, they are weighing different approaches across the ESG spectrum, including impact investing.

“These are investments that are made with the intention of generating positive, measurable social and environmental impact along with financial returns,” Bai says.

NEI does not lag behind in practicing investment strategy. As an organization that seeks an optimum balance of impact with financial performance, the firm takes a very systematic three-pronged approach.

“We break this down into three essential components of impact: intentional, meaning that investments seek to generate a positive social and/or environmental impact; scalability, or measuring that positive impact; and then finally, we see a financial return. Want what suits the broader markets,” says Bay.

Against a backdrop of growing environmental and social awareness, Canadians’ appetite for investing for the greater good is growing, and advisors are becoming more comfortable including ESG in their conversations – and NEI Investments is committed to meeting that need. Is.

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