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What innovation is innovator Som Safe most proud of?

Safe said that once they hear what that is, Purpose strategizes about how to address it.

“I am so excited, waking up every day and helping to grow this industry. But, last year, we did something that I think was one of the most important innovations of my career,” he Said. “And I’ve done some really important things. I created Claymore, which helped to innovate the entire ETF industry and so is a big part of what we are seeing today with Aim and Purpose Advisors and our SME business.

“But, the biggest thing I’ve done in my career was when we launched our longevity platform. It’s a huge innovation. It took years to do. But, I’m very proud of that, because when it’s Done, it’s not like things like bitcoin and ethereum ETFs, crypto garnered a lot of attention.Longevity represents perhaps one of the most important societal challenges.

“More and more people are hitting retirement every day, not only in Canada, but globally, and they don’t have income security in retirement after work. So, we created a long-life plan, which is to invest in mutual funds. First Income for Jeevan Samadhan – basically one pension scheme for all – and at a time when most of the people are not covered by pension plans.So, we are super excited.

“I’ve never been prouder of an innovation in my career. And we’ll continue to grow. We have more ideas like this one, and we’ll continue to drive innovation in retirement.”

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