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Home prices may drop by up to 20% in some markets, warns OSFI chief

Speaking on The Hurley Burley podcast, Routledge said that prices have been rising for some time, creating equity for some, while savings rates are rising, and credit is relatively easy to obtain due to low mortgage delinquencies — and Affordable due to low interest rates.

While this is good news for those looking for a home to live in, it also encourages flipping by investors driven by relatively low-risk situations.

When asked whether residential real estate investing is outpacing other investments, Routledge said some of it may happen but over the long term, “a smart investor will think twice.” [about housing investments] And look at other outlets.”

This is largely due to Canadian housing being “fully valued” and the rise in interest rates that investors can expect from homes.

slow down? not now!

As the January housing market data starts becoming available, there are no signs of slowdown just yet.

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