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Lori Hardwick on how technology is revolutionizing money management

Innovation and technology adoption are rapidly redefining the way financial advisors work with clients – and revolutionizing the wealth management industry.

One of the most experienced and knowledgeable voices in the wealth management and wealthtech industries—Lori Hardwick, CEO of Red Rock Strategic Partners—was stopped by the Wealthstack podcast to highlight developments in fintech that all advisors need to know.

Ms. Hardwicke, along with Mark Bruno, Managing Director of Wealth Management at Informa, talks about the key learnings while sitting on the board for key players in wealthtech, such as Orion, Setera and Westwell. In addition, they discuss:

  • How emerging technology is improving consultants’ every interaction with clients
  • How technology is accelerating change in retirement plans
  • How financial planning, risk management and asset management are converging to create a truly holistic and customizable money management experience.

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