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RPA Edge – What is RPA Edge?

The first RPA Edge think tank will take place during the Wealth Management EDGE conference from May 31 to June 3, 2022, and will host the industry’s leading aggregators, asset managers and record-keepers.

For sponsorship information or more information about RPA Edge, please contact Mark Bruno.

Informa, the creator of the Inside ETF, RIA Edge and Wealthstack conferences, will host several VIP RPA Edge think tanks in 2022 for decision makers including RPA aggregators, record keepers, broker-dealers and CIOs. Key findings and content will be delivered through its media arm – home to the industry’s largest and busiest digital audience of financial advisors. This exclusive content will be placed on a new RPA Edge section of and displayed to our audience of over 500K monthly, unique visitors.

The RPA EDGE think tank will be designed to achieve several key goals and objectives:

  • connectThe RPA think tank will connect decision makers from the RPA and wealth management industry ecosystem in intimate, invitation-only meetings that will reshape the future of retirement planning advice. Select sponsor companies will have open access to networking and content sessions from the RPA Edge Think Tank.
  • convergenceLeveraging Informa’s reach in the financial advice community, we aim to bring the wealth management and retirement planning advice industries closer together and accelerate the convergence of the two channels – ultimately improving the delivery of comprehensive wealth management services to retirement planning participants. Is.
  • CommunityContent from each RPA Edge think tank will be summarized and distributed to the wider wealth management community, allowing RPA Edge think tank participants to engage, educate and influence the hundreds of thousands of financial advisors.

Why Sponsor RPA Age Think Tank

The RPA Edge think tank will allow a limited number of firms to sponsor both individual events and surrounding media coverage. Each think tank is designed to give sponsors access to VIP networking and intelligence opportunities and will specifically connect subsidiary firms with executives from major aggregators, broker-dealers, record-keepers and investment executives. In addition, sponsors will be featured with RPA thought leaders as part of’s media coverage of the events – positioning sponsors as innovation influencers within the retirement planning advice and wealth management communities. Advertising and lead generation programs also align with sponsorship packages, allowing sponsors to act on awareness, visibility, and thought leadership benefits.

sponsorship benefits

The RPA Think Tank will be strategically hosted and embedded in Informa’s leading wealth management conferences, providing participants and sponsors with visibility before, during and after some of the most widely attended and well-known industry events Will do Each RPA will take place during the Edge Think Tank Wealth Management EDGE or Wealth Management CEO Institute (around the Wealth Management Industry Awards). By sponsoring an RPA think tank, firms and their participants will be immediately aligned and positioned with true thinkers, innovators and influencers from the wealth management industry.

For sponsorship information or more information about RPA Edge, please contact Mark Bruno.

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