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What the FA needs to know about customer service in 2022

Today’s consumer also wants a great experience, and the report highlights four key overarching principles for creating a best-in-class experience:

  • believe
  • Inclusion
  • Speed
  • Excessive

Trust can be built in a number of ways, but the report cites the importance of being there in times of crisis, being transparent, and making a commitment to social causes. However, if these elements are not maintained, trust can quickly vanish.

Inclusion is about making sure everyone is welcome. This includes ensuring that firms treat their frontline employees well and that their marketing and representation break down taboos on being inclusive.

Response speed is more important to today’s time-intolerant consumers. They want fast responses to their requests and those they deal with want to be efficient and knowledgeable.

Extra means going the extra mile, with consumers wanting to make their experience feel personal.

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