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Helping Mentors Fly Toward Freedom

“Consultants want to be able to offer a wide range of products, and they are seeing these coming off the shelf,” he said. “Going to a place where you’re setting up your own registrant allows you to make decisions based on your practice, and your knowledge and comfort level, which really simplifies the way you run your business. “

As new independent consultants become less involved with operational and administrative issues, they are able to focus on lead generation, sales and other activities that drive growth. But reaching that point requires not only leaving behind an inhibitory system, but also establishing its own system of operation and control. That means answering questions they haven’t had to think about before – which comes under NOT.

“It’s like building your dream home. You’re driving this process, but you also have meetings with experts and experts in the subsea business that you probably never knew existed,” says Marlo Kravetsky, general counsel and chief risk officer at PAS. “We not only transition of the time, but rather to get out of the chaos for a lifetime of running his firm.”

A simple yet powerful example of that support is a checklist of requirements that registered firms must submit on a regular basis. By showing them filing filings as clearly as independent practitioners, and for whom, and in what frequency, as well as a way to keep track of important deadlines, PAS gives new breakaway advisors peace of mind.

“You’re not going to sleep so well at night if all those questions are just out there, floating unanswered in the ether,” Kravetsky says. “We are working on a push notification system for consultants that consultants can program to send them reminders when an important deadline is approaching. It will also prompt them when they will audit all of their filings. Where should it be stored.”

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