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RIA Edge: Neela Hummel of Abacus Wealth

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Many CEOs of multi-billion dollar RIAs didn’t start out as interns at the firm they’re now running. Even fewer have followed a career path that tops the $4.4 billion RIA, which has more than 70 employers.

This is the story of Neela Hummel, co-CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners, who most recently took over the firm along with Mary Beth Storjohan. In this episode of the RIA Edge Podcast, Mark Bruno, Managing Director of Wealth Management Group at Informa, talks with Neela about her path and new position at Abacus. Neela also shared how Abacus has embraced diversity within the company, creating a culture of inclusivity that has powered Abacus’ growth and expansion.

Mark and Neela discuss:

  • How Abacus has recruited a high percentage of female consultants and how does this align with the clients they serve today
  • The evolution of roles within the company as it has grown
  • How Abacus Approaches M&A and Assess Cultural Fit
  • How has the consultant-client dynamic changed in recent years and where will it go in the near future?

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