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Do clients love their couple’s wealth management as much as their partners?

“I think the other thing is that one person in the relationship takes care of the household budget while the other takes care of the investment side. When you’re apart now you have to take care of all those things. So, me Don’t know if the regular conversations between couples about money are happening as often as they should.”

Paul said that most couples get too involved in their financial routine and don’t discuss money on a regular basis.

“They just set it and forget it, which is fine as long as it’s okay,” she said. “I think the big deal is not knowing where your accounts are. Or, do you have a financial plan? It’s a very important piece for most people so that, as a couple, you can really But see where you are and what you have, and where gaps may be.

“Therefore, having a solid financial plan is a great launching point to start those regular discussions, not just about household bills, but about your overall financial plan.”

Of course, once the relationship is over, each person should develop a financial plan. Women are also often more eager to be educated about their financial status as it is more worrying then.

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