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Most companies targeted by malware pay ransom

“If organizations invest even a fraction of the potential cost of an attack, they can easily put in place systems to protect against this kind of fraud. In the physical world, you can protect something with a seven-digit value. Will employ a contingent of guards, however, there seems to be a disconnect even when ‘something’ goes digital.

who is to blame?

Companies that are victims of cyberattacks admit that employees are the biggest source of cyber threats (53 percent), either motivated by malicious intent (31 percent) or they inadvertently trigger the attack by clicking, for example, Links on fraud (22 percent).

This prompts most organizations (76 percent) to take the time to review their security practices, whether by providing training to employees (32 percent), developing telecommunications policy (31 percent) or investing in software (29 percent). percent). ,

Companies are also anticipating less technology investment in the next two years (80 per cent) than in 2020 (88 per cent). Investment plans in advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence are also on the decline, falling to 18 per cent in 2021 from 29 per cent in 2020.

improvement tips

Michael Howard, head of security and analytics practice at HP, provides his top five tips on cybersecurity. These include, number one, assessing your environment, which is critically important. Howard says that with people working from home, employers should conduct security assessments, making sure to assess each endpoint.

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