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Advisory Innovation: Aspects of Wealth Anders Jones

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In this episode, David Armstrong joins FaceWealth’s co-founder and CEO Anders Jones to discuss the firm’s recent $100 million equity raise, how FaceWealth’s business model is in line with the business of clients from other RIAs. Developed from buyer. A consumer-facing, subscription-based financial planning firm for clients who may not already have the assets to sit comfortably in a more traditional RIA, and the company is looking to improve the efficiency of its more than 100 in-house CFPs. How is technology being used for To the point where each advisor can take on more than twice the industry average of clients.

Anders discusses:

  • How Facet’s original intention to buy smaller clients from existing RIAs didn’t really work, and why it’s a testament to most advisor-client relationships.
  • How they grew to 11,000 clients, 75% of whom have never had a financial advisor relationship, with an aggressive digital marketing strategy, taking in thousands of leads a day.
  • How Facet’s technology model creates a highly efficient advisory workflow, separating the prospecting and onboarding of clients from the responsibility of financial planners.
  • How the firm plans to use its latest round of capital — not necessarily to hire more consultants, but to expand service offerings in areas such as taxes and estate planning.

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