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How can you build a better climate change portfolio?

He added that advisors need to become more knowledgeable about climate change and how ESG can impact it so that they can guide their clients to invest in the following sustainability criteria.

“Consultants need to know these answers. They need to think about sustainability and how to manage it,” Vartolomi said. “It is very important for them to be part of the process. Retail investors hold a lot of money and while they can affect the way it flows in the capital markets, changes can happen.

“Every person who is part of the financial services industry needs to know what topics are being debated, where there is no clear answer, what topics have consensus, and what are up-and-coming areas, ‘ he said, paying attention to them constantly shifting.

Advisors should also realize that there is a movement towards inclusion rather than exclusion in the portfolio. Therefore, instead of applying a negative screen to a company like oil or coal to exclude it, they should focus on getting companies involved to encourage them to move toward sustainability, therefore more likely to meet climate change goals. Chances are.

Vartolomei urged advisors to read the report to learn more about emerging trends due to the “scale of effort and complexity to be achieved”.

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