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“There are definitely tough challenges for him,” he said, noting that he was a psychology major and theater minor pre-med student, so he had to learn it all. “But, I feel more excited, excited to see what more businesses are doing in the coming 10 years and what opportunities lie ahead in the advisory landscape. I am now more excited than ever.”

Kitts, 44, moved from an independent consulting firm two years ago to Missouri-based Buckingham Wealth Partners, though he lives in his hometown of Reston, Virginia, a Washington, D.C. suburb. Buckingham advises consumers and supports advisors, and has $50 billion in assets under management. Therefore, he now helps his leadership with strategic planning, although he still works with consultants and does a monthly article and two weekly podcasts for this.

While he was focusing on the US market, he noted that his podcasts and blogs are gaining a following in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Africa, and Japan.

Kitces also has some Canadian roots. After his father’s family moved from Moldova to Canada, his father was born in Ottawa. He moved to America as a teenager, but his family is still here. was well positioned for the pandemic as Kitces began to grow and aggressively invest in it in 2019. He was building the team and moving to online education, where mentors could get continuing education credits, so it went up to 100. % each in 2020 and 2021. Now it has more than quadrupled the size of 2019 and he is giving 50 to 70 of his conference speeches a year – now a total of 1,000 – on webinars and Zoom.

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