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Framework: Real Estate Investments, Redesigned for the Investor

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Real estate, especially commercial real estate, is one of the most important asset classes to build a long-term asset. Still, there is no reliable way for the average person to access the commercial real estate investment markets with sufficient liquidity.

Cadre is a next-generation commercial real estate investment platform that expands access to specially curated investments created for individual investors and institutions alike. With a mission to provide more individuals with the opportunity to invest in institutional-grade real estate – a traditionally inaccessible, opaque, and illiquid asset class – the company operates in the commercial real estate industry through its forward-thinking, data-driven approach. Bringing revolution.

As both a technology platform and marketplace, the Framework provides investors with the ability to pursue highly verifiable commercial real estate opportunities and access liquidity through a first-of-its-kind secondary market. Combining the team’s institutional experience and proprietary technology, the framework empowers investors through direct access, lower fees and greater transparency.

Leveraging rigorous analysis based on in-house data, a nationwide network spanning 400 local operating partners, and an experienced investment team, the framework identifies investment opportunities and provides investors with external return potential. Identifies investment opportunities calibrated for

Visit to hear more about CEO and founder Ryan Williams’ inspiration for founding Cadre and how Cadre is on a mission to reimagine real estate investing for all investors, or to learn more. Go.

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