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Treating Your Health as an Asset With Steven Guinea

Steven Guinepp has seen the impact this industry can have on a person’s health and well-being; After all, her father was a financial advisor with Edward Jones for several decades. Mentors, she says, come into the industry and are told they will have to hustle first for five to 10 years and then coast. But this is a lie. Instead, she says, many mentors find themselves doing ragged work, and ending their careers in burnout. The fact is that the stress for this industry is currently 31% higher than in 2008, when we were in the global financial crisis.

Diana Britton in this episode, Joining Ginnip, CEO and Wealthy Consultant at Grow Wealth, Managing Editor, a health coaching company, shares about her own struggles dealing with physical health and wellness, and how she worked with mentors today. given shape.

Today, she is dedicated to creating mentors for a better life now and a better retirement in the future. She does this by talking to counselors in their language, training them to think of their health as the most important asset to wealth building.

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Steven Ginnip and his father doing planks together

Steven Ginnip and his father, Dave MacLaine, plank together.

Diana and Steven discuss:

  • How Steven’s father’s career affected his professional and personal goals
  • her own health crisis and how it affected her attitude towards health and well-being
  • His approach to health and fitness with financial advisors
  • How She Helps Mentors Overcome Emotional Barriers to Getting Healthy
  • What he learned from interviewing hundreds of mentors

If you have a struggle and want to share your experiences and help others in similar situations, please contact Diana [email protected],

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