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For the TWM group, customer focus means taking a 360-degree view

“Our investment committee’s research and analysis helps us build the strongest portfolio in a rapidly changing environment. In 2020, our exposure to alternative investments helped us tide over the pandemic crisis. Our careful due diligence process ensures that There should be a sound economic rationale, clear visibility and a sound legal structure in each situation,” he said.

Beyond investing, Hamid said TWM Group provides comprehensive services in various aspects of asset management including retirement and estate planning, tax minimization, and business succession planning, among others.

Recognizing the need for efficient operations and smooth delivery of services during the pandemic crisis in 2020, TWM Group embraced one of the world’s leading CRM platforms. He also produced a new video series that addresses issues in current events.

“Our goal is to understand all the media noise, especially when there was a risk of media overdose anxiety,” Hamid said.

The TWM group acronym stands for “Total Wealth Management”, and it shows. The practice takes every opportunity to go above and beyond in customer service, often customizing its operations according to specific circumstances and conditions. At the same time, they take care not to make any unnecessary movements – to stay fit without being overly reactive.

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